Marvellous Mastery

Nearly a year ago, Ugly redesigned The Treasury permanent exhibition at Sutton Hoo, Suffolk. Well, we’re pleased to announce that near the end of 2012, we were asked back by National Trust to undertake the design of their changing autumn exhibition.

‘The King’s Craftsmen’ exhibition looks in more detail at the skills that were needed to produce the original Sutton Hoo treasures and the insights gained by the creation of the modern day replicas.

The range of artifacts on display have been loaned by modern day craftsmen, and we produced some graphic panels for the exhibition which contain some stunning and informative photographs. You really have to appreciate the mastery and effort needed to create the replicas, which in turn means you can’t help but marvel at the advanced knowledge and skills of the original creators who lived around 1,400 years ago!

If you would like to have a great day out, more info about Sutton Hoo and The Treasury can be found here.

The exhibition is on until the beginning of March 2013.