Hidden Hoo

Saturday 16th March saw the opening of the new summer exhibition at Sutton Hoo. Created by ourselves for the National Trust, the new exhibit looks at the grave discoveries made when building the exhibition hall back in 2000. Long before the Viking mounds that are so evocative of Sutton Hoo came along, the site was used as a cemetery for a nearby Anglo-Saxon settlement.

A big part of the project was to give some feel of the people that were found in these graves, and to put some flesh on the bones of the excavation report (no pun intended!). Hence, we decided to organise an atmospheric photo shoot using re-enactors and National Trust staff, and the images turned out amazingly – just take a peek at the above image!

The exhibition consists of a new temporary display inside the treasury, and a trail leaflet looking at some of the graves. Each burial is represented by a floor graphic, both inside the exhibition hall and outside individual grave ‘gardens’, which were especially created from our concepts by garden designer Christopher Dixon.

The Treasury temporary exhibition is only on until the autumn, but the grave gardens and trail are planned to become a more permanent fixture.

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