Turning back time at Flag Fen

Flag Fen is one of the most important archaeological sites in Europe, and Ugly Studios were excited to work with┬áthem to develop a unique interactive exhibit – a model landscape showing how people have changed the site throughout history.


Ugly Studios Flag Fen Interactive Model

The interactive ‘in situ’ at the Flag Fen Visitor Centre


Flag Fen wanted an interactive to show how the Peterborough landscape had been shaped and developed by human action over 5000 years, and where significant artifacts had been discovered. The passage of time can be a difficult subject to grasp, but we were enthusiastic to make it not only easy to understand, but fun to engage with.


Ugly Studios Flag Fen Interactive Model

The model has painstaking detail, showing the landscape as it has developed over time


Our model landscape is divided into quarters, each showing a different time period, from Neolithic settlements to the famous Bronze Age causeway, and from Roman occupation to modern-day Peterborough. Our own aim, as with all our physical interactives, was to keep the tactile element a primary feature of visitor exploration, encouraging an active engagement with both the interactive and the subject matter.


Ugly Studios Flag Fen Interactive Model

The interactive handle element in action, turning the model and travelling back through time


The model is operated by a handle, inviting visitors to ‘turn back time’ – literally! Through this active motion, they will explore how the people of Peterborough have constantly adapted to new conditions, and be provoked to make comparisons between people across the ages.


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