The Wonderful World of Water

The intro wall of the Severn Trent Wonderful World of Water exhibition.Water, we use it everyday, our lives couldn’t function without it, but how often do we think about where it comes from or it’s true impact on our lives and on the planet.
A photograph showing the water today section of the exhibition.Ugly Studios are excited to announce the opening of a new exhibition designed for Severn Trent that gets visitors really thinking about their water. Housed within the visitor centre at the Carsington Water reservior in Derbyshire, it is an exhibition that’s fun for all the family. Full of interactives and games it’s already been a big hit with young visitors.

The project was managed and constructed by our friends Unusual Projects with Ugly Studios taking responsibility for the exhibition design, audio visual production and graphic design.
A photograph showing a visitor playing a touch-screen game about what waste should not go down the drains.Interactives include touch-screen games and plenty of hands-on physical play.A photo showing the wheel of disease and goo box physical interactives.If you are in the area we highly recommend a visit, especially if you’ve got young people in tow. Water is easy to take for granted, so it’s great to see this fascinating subject take centre stage.