New Exhibition ‘Brought to Light’ at Sheringham Park

Our most recent project with National Trust Sheringham Park saw three bespoke light-boxes installed in their Visitor Centre, with bright, engaging content that can be regularly changed and updated.

Ugly Studios National Trust Sheringham Park Lightbox Exhibition Design


Sheringham Park – like many sites – ┬áhas a huge amount of information to share with their┬ávisitors, with limited space and budget. Our solution was to propose a trio of lightboxes, allowing their Visitor Centre to easily refresh their exhibitions. The fabric prints displayed on the lightboxes can be removed quickly and effortlessly by a member of staff, and the prints can be rolled up and stored away for later use.


Sheringham Park Lightbox Exhibition Design Ugly Studios


With the subject of ‘Seasons’, Ugly Studios designed and printed two sets of exhibitions, exploring Autumn and Spring as experienced at Sheringham Park. The LED backlighting of the lightboxes makes each image pop out from the frame, emphasising the vibrancy of the natural world that their visitors can go and see.


Sheringham Park’s ‘Autumn’ exhibition is on display now in the Wood Farm Visitor Centre. We won’t give away too much of the ‘Spring’ exhibition – keep a look out for it in 2016!


Ugly Studios National Trust Sheringham Park Lightbox Exhibition Design


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